The Premiere Spokane Remodeler and Design Firm

Design Works is an award-winning interior design firm specializing in floor covering and furniture. During our 25 years in business, we've learned a lot about construction, and since 2011, we've put that knowledge to work as one of Spokane's top home and business remodeling companies.

At Design Works, we'd learned that remodeling projects in Spokane typically faced one of three problems:

  • By the end of a remodeling project, most people were over budget.
  • Poor organization created delays that frustrated not only the clients, but the sub-contractors as well.
  • Nearly 80 percent of all Spokane remodeling clients disliked the entire construction and remodeler experience.

Our Remodeling Solution

To avoid remodeling contractor problems, Design Works takes the time to show our Spokane clients the remodeling project before we set a budget. For example, when we begin a remodeling project, we begin by showing the client their options. If we're looking at tile, we'll start by showing a $3.00 tile, then a $4.00 tile, then a $5.00 tile. This may sound like an overly simple process, but by showing options and understanding our clients' reactions, we and the client begin to understand what level of finish we need to aim for. Design Works begins all Spokane remodeling projects this way, whether we're dealing with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, counter tops, cabinets, lighting, plumbing finish, or wood trim. This way when we have finished this process, we have a budget that is based on what the client really wants.

What Makes Us Great Spokane Remodelers?

We are one of the few remodelers in Spokane who have their own store that sells all their products. With many remodeling products, we deal with the manufactures direct, so the pricing is excellent. Our relationship with the manufacturers also helps us with delays and disorganization.

Because we sell and install all these products we maintain control over all our Spokane remodeling projects. We are in charge of ordering all remodeling products and making sure they arrive when we need them. This solves most delay problems.

Design Works holds another distinct advantage over other Spokane remodelers: we publish a schedule from the start of construction to the cleanup. This way the client knows when the electrician will arrive, when the plumber should be finished, and most importantly, how long the job will take. All of our Spokane remodeling subcontractors have bought into our remodeling philosophy and love the organization. That way the work gets done fast and seamless. If there is a conflict with timing they get this before we start and they will let us know.

Spokane Remodeling Projects Done Right

By first addressing the needs and expectations of our Spokane remodeling clients, we have found a solution to the problem of client frustration. In the beginning of the project, the clients have an accurate budget. They have an accurate start date and an accurate completion date. And because Design Works has done work, the look is excellent, the budgets are realistic, and the remodeling project was completed on time. Our Spokane remodel contractor system has worked very well for us and our clients. We know this because we rely on word-of-mouth marketing (no advertising). But don't take our word for it: upon request we will provide you with our last 3 Spokane remodeling clients—you can just ask them.