We Help Contractors with Residential Projects

  • Please see our contractor video on this page
  • We always start with a budget first then we break it down so we know how much we can spend in each room. I.E. $750 for backsplash in kitchen, $20 yd. for carpet etc.
  • See our article on budgets on this site.
  • We talk about what they want the home to feel like when done, I.E. contemporary, rustic elegance and so on.
  • We talk about flow & function and many other questions to help us understand what they want the finished product to look like.
  • Then when everyone is comfortable we start the selection process with the client.
  • On completion the customer signs off on the selection sheets. (No mistakes like I didn't pick the tile or something)
  • Then we have professional installers to install the products within your schedule.
  • We are very sensitive to the builders schedule (See our contractor video on this page) comment by Eric Brown