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Have you ever been inside a stunning hotel lobby, a fashionable meeting room or perhaps some other interior space that really caught your eye? Do you think all of the design elements of that space happened by accident? Doubtful — in almost all instances a professional interior designer was hired to create the space, select all of the finishes, and determine the color schemes. An interior designer will save you time and money by pinpointing your specific needs, avoiding costly mistakes, and having access to the best sources. A designer will help you define and enhance your own style by creating a space that reflects your personal taste and meets your ever-changing needs.


Design Works is a full-service interior design firm serving the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene metropolitan area since 1985. Our designers are highly skilled, creative, and demonstrate a high level of honesty and integrity. Each designer considers every facet of an interior to include the selection and coordination of colors, textures, and materials which produce the desired personality and outcome of each space. We offer a wide selection of products as well as installation.

Whether we are helping you design a residence or a commercial space we always begin every project with a clear understanding of your budgets and requirements. Come in and let's talk about your project.


How To Sellect Budgets On Remodels And New Homes

Setting budgets for new homes or Remodels that are accurate. This is a great tool for a homeowner or contractor.
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Interior Designer Vs Floorcovering Store For New Homes

How to choose between Design Works and a typical floor covering store. Two scenarios that will enlighten you on the difference between Designers and floor covering stores.
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Lobby Face Lift - Adds So Much To The Building

On facelifts, working with the existing materials can save building owners alot of money. And if done well, can increase rentability by 50%!
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A New Way To Cover Your Windows

A window covering might be beautiful, but if it doesn't fit the function of the window, you might be wasting your money.
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