How the Remodel Process Works at Design Works

After many years of being an interior design firm and working with many trades and getting to know the best trades in the area, it was natural for us to open a remodel overseer department when the marked slowed for new construction and that was 2 years ago and we can happily say we have not missed a deadline yet. Every client has been very happy with the process, "very rare in this industry."

Please take the time to look over the remodel process below and see how we are making a difference in this industry.

*As interior designers we also do furniture and accessories if requested to complete the total remodel experience

Call us! Schedule an in-store, complimentary appointment and we will explain all the important steps that need to be addressed in order to not create costly mistakes!

During our in-store meeting some topics to be discussed are as follows:

  1. What are you trying to create?
  2. Who lives there? What do you do there? Are there special needs that are to be addressed?
  3. How old is the house/space/room?
  4. What is your style? Do you know? Do you have an Inspiration?
  5. What constraints are you working around/with?
  6. Who are the decision makers?
  7. Is this a multiple phase project?
  8. Is there established contractors that you prefer to work with?
  9. Time line
  10. Budget
  11. Scope of work to be done based on the above
  12. How many trades will be involved?
  13. What to expect from Design Works
  14. Tour of the Showroom and Portfolios
  15. Discuss Design Fees, length of creative/sourcing time needed/optional Overseers fee

Because we have a complete showroom and want your budget to be accurate we will disclose what to financially expect. No more allowances and speculative pricing on product/labor. This is what sets us apart. We want you to know every step of the way what your costs are thus eliminating overruns and surprises. Anyone who sets budgets without showing you product is just guessing! Beware! Depending on the size of the project many skilled tradesman may be required. With over 25 years of experience, Design Works has found it best to bring the tradesman to the jobsite to ensure communication between scope of work and budget.

If client is interested in securing Design Works for the next step in the process, then an appointment is scheduled at the place of remodel. We currently charge a 2hr appointment fee of $150 (non refundable). This is when discussions take place on what the client wants and the input from the designer/tradesman. Measurements are taken, photos are snapped, existing items and structural integrity are witnessed. Once again, communication is key on this appointment!

Our Second Meeting in Store

Our Designer will create, draw floor plans, elevations and perspectives (if needed) in order to create a vision between what you want and what could be. This is a great model for ensuring again, that what you have envisioned can be manifested and all parties have the same concepts. Product will be presented, color swatches, and much dialogue will take place to again, ensure we are creating your reflection of the finished project. Communication is key in making any project a success. With the selection process established then the proposed budget can be finished with the input of skilled tradesman/contractors (that we supply) etc.

This scope of work usually can take 5 to 10 hours or more depending on the proposed job. Larger jobs take longer as they entail more drawing hours, sourcing product, evaluating special needs etc.. This is also billed at an hourly rate, one that is to be determined during the initial complimentary in store appointment.

Need more help?

Need help overseeing your project? We offer project oversight service.