What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Posted on Feb 3rd, 2012 by Don

An Interior Designer has to use psychology in their tool box. Learning to hear what the client is really saying or wanting in their space/project. A great example was a job I did early in my career. I had created a floor plan, selected all the furniture, paint, window treatment for a very user friendly family room. I met all the criteria they had requested yet in the end, every sofa, or recliner I showed her was wrong. We met over and over again with the frustration level rising in each visit! I could not overcome the objection. Then, in the last meeting, her husband joined her...it was in that meeting that their long standing disagreement broke out. She was angry with him. She felt that if she made the room 'comfortable' with a sofa or recliner that would enhance her husband's laziness (as she perceived). The light bulb went off for me...we ordered a loveseat.

Overcoming objectives is just one of many things Interior Designer's have to do. Stay tuned! As there is much to learn about what I do!

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