Lobby Face Lift - Adds So Much To The Building

Posted on May 11th, 2012 by Don

We have been doing an interior face lift on the lobby of the Gateway Office Building on 2nd and Spokane Street.  The Lobby floors had imitation slate that made it very dark.  The walls had beautiful marble that we decided to keep but re-grout and steam clean.  This made them look new agian.  We replaced the floor with a polished travertine that complemented the walls and decided to run it into the elevators.  We added a modeled patterned carpet inset also.  To accent the stainless steel elevator doors, we added a stone trim plus a 1x1 mosaic in stainless steel tile to work with the steel doors.  This added a lot of interest to the whole lobby.  We then added a new leather sofa and some leather textured vinyl wall coverings to finish the look.  We are not done yet as we will add a new ceiling next week to finish off this beautiful lobby.  If you are looking for a new office space, check this one out.  Call Lou neeser at Kiemele and Hagood  509-755-7523.

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