Granite Countertops

Posted on Feb 3rd, 2012 by Don

This is a question I have to answer a lot to potential new home buyers or people remodeling their kitchen.

The most popular look today is slab granite and of course it looks great and is very functional but it is expensive.  Depending on the color is between $60-$80 a square foot and higher depending on the color.  So many people that come into the Design Works showroom want to know if there is anything between granite and laminate. The answer is yes, its granite squares. In fact it's actually half the price of slabs. From a designer stand point you still have the look of granite yet there are some draw backs, but with new technology they are minor. First, is the grout issue, with the development of epoxy grouts, you no longer have to worry about staining, and with a good installer you can butt joint and make it even smaller. Second, everyone like the advantage of just wiping everything into the sink, now with tile to sinks this can be done in granite squares in both the kitchen and bath.  Here is a tip; if the thickness of an under mount sink is 3/8 inch you can use those sinks also, which are made of almost any style.  I have done this in my own home. Third you have less edge treatments to choose from.  After I explain this to people some elect to change to granite tile.

So if you are considering this option, you have a quote for $8000 you may consider $4000 for granite squares.  Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable designers to guide you through the process.

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