A New Way To Cover Your Windows

Posted on May 10th, 2012 by Monica

Finding the right window covering can be so challenging and frustrating at times.  No matter what the temperature is outside, it is really important to have your windows ‘dressed’.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Of course design and color are always mostly important coming from a designer’s point of view, but function and efficiency is too. When it’s hot outside we want our houses to stay cooler and when it’s cold we want to keep it warmer.  The number one waste of energy is through our windows.  We love to let the light in them as much as possible but some window treatments only allow you to have it all the up or all the way down not giving you any options.  Well, today there are a couple new window fashions that give you more of what you want.  We have a new style from Graber Cellular Shades that’s called Sun Up/ Sun Down.  This is great because you can have your window completely dressed and protected from the outside elements but if you want to let some light in and be able to see a little of what’s outside this covering provides that.  You can show one fabric, show both or have them fully open.  This is a wonderful and versatile option.  Another style is the Top Down / Bottom Up.  It is one cellular shade come in a variety of colors and textures and gives you the freedom to do just as it describes.  It’s great for the front windows of your house so if you want to let light in but not have your window totally open, just lower the top down and you have light but much more privacy in your home.  I have this in my guest room and I wish I had it in a few others….. :)

These are just a couple of  the many window covering options available.  No matter what your window is or what your challenge is, we at Design  Works can help you overcome that and give you the design and look your room is calling for.    


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