Oakley One D

In the Development of this project we wanted a condo that was very masculine. After some debate we decided we would go with a vehicle theme. This included a garage door for his Indian motorcycle, a magnificent sofa, and many accessories that completed the theme.

From the start we were square feet challenged with only 1,350 Sq. Ft. in the shell and the staircase was already there. This was a remodel and before pictures are available. So we had to get innovative. There wasn't any way we were going to get a sectional sofa, to the owner's request, to fit in the space without customizing it. So we designed it to look like the seats of the Bentley Continental-R, right down to the diamond pleat detail, this was made from our furniture manufacturer right here in the area. Also, to give the condo a large feeling, notice all the mirrors were strategically placed in all the rooms. The staircase was done in black iron with copper highlights that were done by my wife, Roxanne. In addition, all the wood floors and on the staircase were done in a rustic knotty alder. Also note that the wall in brick and plaster is original to the building when it was first built. One of the main focuses is the bar as you descend the staircase that is done in Black & Gold granite with the copper listell in the backsplash. Then the bathrooms were done in stone. The main bath was accented with split face stone for the masculine look and iron mirrors above the vanity. The second bathroom had a barrel vanity and a stone shower with metal accents. One other challenge was the lighting; we only had two windows, so every area had to be lit well. We accomplished it with a U-shaped track on the ceiling of the second floor with 25 lights. This was great for accenting all the different pieces of furniture. Task lighting with recessed cans and under counter lighting helped light the area well.

The way the unit was mainly developed for was entertaining so a lot of people go through it and because of that I get more compliments and comments on this project than anything I have done. We must have accomplished the very masculine request because it is now referred to as "the man cave".

This condo is still available for sale. For pictures and more info on this please go to www.oakleyoned.com

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